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                China mold and die industry revitalize diversified management plans depict blueprint
                Time:2011.01.06 News Sources: Views:

                May 21, 2011, twenty-fifth Chinaplas successfully concluded, on the Hai Like Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. in the event on a productive session. Like the company's total, according to Yuan introduced as a continuous development to participate in the International Rubber extrusion machinery manufacturing enterprises, deeply felt the great event year after year.

                 In this exhibition, Like the company exhibited XPE foam sheet production line is its flagship product, currently in the market share is quite high. Like the show the company invited a number of new and old customers to understand the company's products, especially some foreign customers specifically come to understand the relevant circumstances of the production line. In this exhibition on a new customer immediately ordered an XPE foam sheet production line. After the exhibition, a number of potential customers were invited to the company's Shanghai factory visit Like many of which will be the intention of customers to sign orders.

                 Yuan general told, Like the company launched the XPE foam sheet production line is self-developed products, the use of the domestic advanced technology, which is the core competitive power. The company also attaches great importance to domestic and international sales market, the relevant sales personnel preparation is adequate, it is undeniable, it is quickly Like the steady development of the company to be an important factor.

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