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                >Screw and barrel 
                >Extrusion Line 
                >Plastic pipe production line 
                >Plate, sheet production line 
                >Pelletizing production line 
                >Auxiliary equipment 

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                Conical twin-screw extruder
                Conical twin-screw e…
                XPE (IXPE) foam board production line
                XPE (IXPE) foam boar…
                Conical twin-screw extrusion machine
                Conical twin-screw e…
                PE insulation, protection of large diameter pipe production line
                PE insulation, prote…
                Pelletizing production line
                Pelletizing producti…
                PC, PP hollow grid sheet production line
                PC, PP hollow grid s…
                PVC, PE, PP membrane production line
                PVC, PE, PP membrane…
                PP, PE plate production line
                PP, PE plate product…
                PC, PMMA, PS, MS plate production line
                PC, PMMA, PS, MS pla…
                PVC foam board, plate, decorative plate production line
                PVC foam board, plat…
                Exhaust type single screw extruder
                Exhaust type single …
                Injection molding machine screw and barrel accessories
                Injection molding ma…
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